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Students of the Didactic Circle “A. Gabelli ”- Turin tell the transformations of the
Milan's Barriera district

Quasi Quadro in collaboration with the Didactic Circle “A. Gabelli ”- Turin presents the exhibition of the project
The exhibition is made up of drawings by students of classes IV B, IV C and IV D resulting from the laboratory,
conducted by Quasi Quadro, for the analysis of former industrial contexts, now completely redeveloped, present in the area
of Barrier of Milan.
In particular, three places subject to urban regeneration have been identified, converted into spaces for the
culture, commerce and housing: the former CEAT, the former INCET and the Dora Docks.
The boys were able to know and therefore see with different eyes, some areas of their neighborhood,
discovering the history and evolution of the context. These are realities that often no longer remain today,
except in some cases for architectural structures.
Through the technique of drawing, conducted in class and in real life, it was possible to observe better and with
attention spaces that children usually live only for play or leisure activities but that in truth
testify to the constant changes in Turin.

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