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The association Almost Quadro presents Back To Origins, the first Contemporary Art Exhibition in the Museum of Arts and Traditions of the Sila National Park, Albi (CZ).

The protagonists of the two-person exhibition are the two Albese artists Domenico Canino (Catanzaro 1986, lives and works in Rome) and Valeria Dardano (Catanzaro 1993, lives and works in Turin) who, linked by their origins and by the same passion for nature, develop the own poetics on the possibility of emphasizing ethical alterations towards individuals.

The intent of the Origins exhibition is to enhance the culture present in the area by putting local communities in dialogue with the language of the contemporary.

In particular, if on the one hand you want to sensitize the citizens to rediscover, appreciate and respect the heritage of the place where they live, on the other you want to open the territory to contaminations from different contexts.

In fact, in the works of the two young Albese artists there is not only an attention to the contents of the contemporary but also a particular affection for natural elements belonging to their place of origin.

In the realization of the ideas of Canino and Dardano, a process of memory is known aimed at enhancing the constant dialogue between visible and invisible, where each image is extraneous to itself.

By overcoming the anthropocentrism that leads man to an existential schizophrenia, the human being can find his place in the universe and become part of the whole from which it comes: the two artists manipulate and change the natural course through alchemical rituals of matter becoming shamans and animated by a same passion for the unknowable and astonishment at what is dark and inexplicable .

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